Royal and Select Masters - Wyvern District

Silver Trowel


The Thrice Illustrious Master Degree, more often referred to as the Silver Trowel, was introduced to this country in 2009. Membership of this order is restricted. The District Grand Master can only recommend one Installed Master from each of his District Councils and each recommendation has to be personally approved by the Most Illustrious Grand Master. 

The Silver Trowel degree takes place annually at the Installed Masters’ Council, The David Carr Hooker Council of the Ninth Arch and recipients are entitled to have a hallmarked Silver Trowel pinned to the flap of their apron. 

Chronologically, the Silver Trowel precedes the Royal and Select degree. The Silver Trowel degree covers the final, and dying, days of King David and his desire that his son, Solomon, should be anointed King after him. 

This year the ceremony took place on 27th June at which the degree was conferred on;

Ill.Comp.Bill Roberts Dist.G.Std.B. Worcestershire Council No109                                                                                                                             Ill.Comp.John Pudge Dist.G.Man. St.Peter's Council No266                                                                                                                                     Ill.Comp.Kenneth Bennett Dist G.Man. Cheltenham Council No216                                                                                                                           Ill.Comp.Peter Dowding Dist G.Stwd. Halesowen Council N0219                                                                                                                               Ill.Comp.Barry Holland Dist G.Man. Rainbow Council No296.