Royal and Select Masters - Wyvern District

In Memoriam



R.Ill.Comp. Eric Middleton Thomson died on 29 April 2019, one day short of his 90th birthday.

R.Ill.Comp. Eric was Divisional Inspector and latterly District Grand Master for North Western District before it was split into Lancashire and Cheshire & North Wales. He attended the consecratioin of The David Carr Hooker Council of the Ninth Arch No 238 in 2001 and was elected an Honorary Member.

Ill.Comp. Barry Holland died on 24th April 2019, aged 75 years.

Ill.Comp. Barry was very well known in both Warwickshire and Worcestershire in various orders, whether it be acting as Tyler, cooking our meals as a caterer, or selling merchandise on behalf of the Worcestershire Mark Festival.

Barry joined our order in 2009 at Adoniram Council No 197, becoming a Founder of Rainbow Council no 296 less than a year later. Following his Installation as Master of Rainbow Council, Ill.Comp Barry took full advantage of the opportunity to visit other Councils, both as District Manciple and District Standard Bearer.

Although he had had some health issues in recent years, Barry’s death, at home, was sudden and unexpected, leading to a protracted period until a funeral can be arranged.

R.Ill.Comp. Spencer Thomas Edward Fenn died on 22nd February, aged 76.

Spencer was a member of 15 Orders that we know about, but probably many more, and achieved high rank in all of them. He was always active in his lodges, often as Secretary or D.C., and had been presented with 50year Certificates in at least 5 orders.

His Masonic career started in Essex, moving to London and then the Midlands, as well as units abroad in various Orders. He was the driving force behind the expansion of the RSM in the Midlands, being a Founder of 7 Councils. He was District Grand Master of the Central District from 2002 to 2006, which was then divided into Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Wyvern, and Spencer headed the Warwickshire District until 2009. His huge contribution was recognised in 2015 when he was appointed one of the first Custodians of the Ninth Arch.

His knowledge of freemasonry was extensive, and he was THE person to go to for information and advice on any masonic matter.

M.Ill.Comp. Col R Keith Hind died on 9th February 2019, aged 92

Our Grand Master from 1994 to 2005, Col Hind oversaw the Consecration of around 75 Councils – a 40% increase in the total number in the constitution. In that role, he was elected an Honorary Member of Adoniram Council No 197, Hales Owen Council no 219 and The David Carr Hooker Council of the Ninth Arch No 238.

M.Ill.Comp. Col Hind was a legend in his own lifetime – across so many orders as well as in his pivotal role as Secretary of the Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys, and a trustee of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls. 

Ill.Comp. Michael Adams, P.A.G.D.C., 26.11.31 – 09.01.19

Michael joined this Order in North Staffordshire Council No 150 in 1989, and subsequently became a Founder of, not only this Council, but Rochberie Council No 232 in 2000, and Westune Council No 241 in 2003. He became Master of North Staffordshire Council in 1997, and of Rocheberie Council in 2010.

He was appointed District Grand Manciple of North Midlands District in 2000, and received his Grand appointment to PAGDC in 2007.

Michael was a very active mason in many Orders in the Midlands. He died on the 9th January, aged 87 years, and his funeral was held at St.Marie’s Catholic Church, Dunchurch Road, Rugby on 24th January 2019

Ill.Comp. William Hamilton Kerr, P.G.Capt.Gd., died on Christmas Day 2018 aged 85

Bill first became a mason in Scotland, and after moving to Worcestershire, was active in KT, Mark and RAM in addition to the Cryptic Degrees.

Bill first joined the Order in Worcestershire Council No 109 in 1994, becoming Master in 2004. He was a Founder of Rainbow Council No 296 in 2010., His first District appointment was in 2008, and in 2014 he was promoted in Grand rank to PGCaptGd.

Bill died on Christmas Day, aged 86 years, living far longer than his doctors expected given the extent of his cancer when diagnosed. During his illness he had looked after his wife until she became so ill she had to go into a home.

Ill.Comp. Michael Charles Burman, P.G.Cond.C., Dist.G.P.C.W. (Warks) was 74 years old when he died on 19 October 2018

Michael first joined the Order in Beauchamp Council No 182 in 1997, becoming Master in 2007. He also joined Victoria Council No 206 in 2015, becoming Master in 2018, and was still in the Chair when he died. He became a member here in Worcestershire when he joined The David Carr Hooker Council of the Ninth Arch in 2007.

He was the District Grand Principal Conductor of the Work for Warwickshire from 2016, until his death. Michael was still a very active mason in Warwickshire and Worcester when he died and is sorely missed.

Ill.Comp. Gwyn Mervyn Hughes, P.Dist.G.Stwd. (Warks), died 28 June 2018 aged 86 years


Gwyn started his RSM career in Warwickshire Council No 148 in 2000, and became TIM in 2007, receiving his District appointment also in 2007. He joined The David Carr Hooker Council of the Ninth Arch in 2008 and Worcestershire Council No 109 in 2016.


He had also been a member of Mark in both Warwickshire and Worcestershire, and RAM in Warwickshire.

Companions of the District  R. Ill.Comp. William Summers died on 13 June 2018, aged 89 years.

As District Grand Master of the North Midlands, R.Ill.Comp. Bill Summers attended the Consecrations of Hales Owen Council No 219 and The David Carr Hooker Council of the Ninth Arch No 238. He was in many orders in Derbyshire, and was recognised for the important part he played in the development of the order when the Grand Master was pleased to appoint him a Custodian of the Ninth Arch.