Royal and Select Masters - Wyvern District



On 2nd of December, at St.Peter's Council, Comp.Rev.Justin Parker delivered a paper entitled 'Enoch' which proved very interesting and was well received by all present.

Right Ill.Comp. Andrew Sweeney was elected to serve as T.I.M. for the ensuing year and will be installed at the next meeting on March 2nd.


Regular Meeting

Wed, 13th October 2021 6:00pm

Rainbow Council No 296


Wed, 20th October 2021 6:00pm

Hales Owen Council No 219 (Installation)

Regular Meeting

Mon, 6th December 2021 6:00pm

Saint Peter's Council No 266

Regular Meeting

Wed, 8th December 2021 6:00pm

Worcestershire Council No 109


Thu, 16th December 2021 6:00pm - 11:00pm

Adoniram Council No 197 (Installation)